home tour

One of the things we love to do is look back at what the house used to look like before we fixed it up and things started to “look like us.” So, we thought you might enjoy it too. Take a look at where we started and where things have gone.

Front Yard

Here’s what the front of the house looked like when we moved in.

house before

We haven’t really had time to work on the front of the house, so it still pretty much looks the same, though the grass is a bit greener.

Front Porch

At the beginning the front porch was sporting a tiny lantern and a small planter.

porch before

Basically all we’ve done so far is supersize both of those items. Hello pretty lantern and oversized planter. And Florida flamingo.

porch after

Also, hello Sophie. She woke up from her nap to see what was going on.


The entryway was just kinda a boring space when we moved in.

entryway before

Now it’s still a work in progress, and we have some ideas for it, but with the new paint and our trinkets, it’s already looking way more like us.

entryway after


What was the formal living room, we instantly decided would be our library. Here’s what it looked like before we went crazy and changed it up.

library before

And now, it may very well be our new favorite room.

library after

It just was so…white before.

library 2 before

The crisp white and grey feels much more like us.

library 2 after

library – couch before

And our new curtains and couch might be one of my favorite new things.

library – couch after

Dining Room

The dining room is, as you can see, the other part of the “L” shape that makes up the library/dining area.

dining room from living before

You’ll have to imagine a table, but the room is already looking crisper and more up to date.

dining room from living after

dining room before

And yes, we’re replacing that light fixture. But, first going to find a table then see what works well.

dining room after


The kitchen had a good structure, and sturdy cabinets. But it was in dire need of updates and paint.

kitchen before

Goodbye ruffles, pink-red walls, and yellowed cabinets.

kitchen after

And, we can’t forget replacing the cooktop with a full range.

kitchen stove before

This next picture really should be labeled “in progress” – we’re waiting to put up the tile backsplash over the stove.

kitchen stove after

It’s amazing what a little love can do to a room.

kitchen sink side before

Did I mention I love my kitchen?

kitchen sink side

Living Room

The previous orangey-panelled walls with the built-into-the-subfloor-of-the-room desk/bookcase/cabinet built-in.

living room before

And with LOTS of paint, sweat, tears, and help from friends and family, it’s looking like this about now.

living room after

Let’s look at that again.

living room couch before

Hard to believe it’s the same room, isn’t it? I’m stunned when I compare the two.

living room couch after

Let’s take a closer look at the built-in.

built in before

Wow. Also, Sophie wanted to pose again.

build in after

Back Porch/Patio/Deck

Here’s what the patio looked like when we first saw the house.

back patio before

And here’s now. Sorry about the different angle in the pictures – as you can tell, it was raining and, like Sophie, I’m not so much a fan of standing in the rain.

back patio after


Here’s the hallway before.

hallway before

Some paint, some decorations, a new light and it feels so much more like it belongs to us.

hallway after

Hall Bathroom

The bathrooms were tired and a bit dated with vintage tile and some bad wallpaper.

hall bathroom before

But with a little neutral paint, and stripping some wallpaper, it’s definitely getting better

hall bathroom after

Next on the agenda is painting the vanity here, and we’ll be that much closer to checking this room off as completed.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom had been recently painted, but was just not “us.”

bedroom before

Ahh, that’s more like it.

bedroom after

bedroom doors before

Getting rid of the ruffles and painting the doors made a big difference.

bedroom doors after

So much more relaxing.

bedroom 2 after

Master Bathroom

Ahh, the master bathroom. Our crazy vintage seafoam green tile bathroom will need some updates as we move forward,

master bath before

We haven’t really done much with the room yet, so it looks practically the same still. We’ve got time.

master bath after


The third bedroom will function as our study for the time being.

study before

Not sure that we can exactly call this progress….but, this is our last room of chaos so we’re feeling pretty good about it.

study after

Guest Room

The guest room was being used as an office before, but we wanted to return it to being a guest room.

guest bedroom 1 before

Come visit. Look how cozy your room is.

guest bedroom 1 after

So there you have it. Our house in progress.


5 thoughts on “home tour

  1. It’s looking great! You guys are fast. We’re still plugging away at ours. Maybe in the next year we’ll get through all the rooms. Aren’t you proud of yourselves though? It’s so exciting to do all that yourself!

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