prioritization. or “why we haven’t been around lately.”

Funny how when life hits you with a crazy spell, the things that are really essential just seem to rise to the surface and everything else kinda fades. You learn just how many times you can wear those pair of jeans before they need to be washed, how fast you can take a shower and get back to work, how to cut your working time by half while still getting the essentials done, and just how much frozen pizza you can eat to avoid cooking. And somehow, when you’re in the midst of a crazy spell like that, other things that used to be priorities fall off the radar. Over the past few months those non-essentials included, among other things, updating you all on the blog.

Now that the craziness has paused for a few weeks, it seemed appropriate to stop back and start chatting again. Hi. How are you? What’s going on?

Here’s what we’ve been up to:
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.52.59 AM

Yep! That’s right! We’re both heading back to school! We’re super excited about this new adventure and can’t wait to jump into it!

We have been contemplating returning to school for quite some time now, but it’s never been the right time. This year, things finally felt right and we decided to go ahead and apply. Three months, two interviews, a personality inventory, countless hours of study, a six-hour written exam and a one-hour verbal exam later (times two, since we each had to do all of this), we were both accepted into the program.

We’re so excited about this next step in our education and lives and can’t wait to see what’s next in store. And now that the crazy hours of prepping for the exams are over, we’re excited to have some house projects in the works again. Project #1? Getting the study ready for us to practically live in it over the next few years.

In the meantime, we did do some pretty drastic work to the outside of our house one evening when we just couldn’t stare at books any longer. I’ll share some pictures soon.

For now, thanks for hanging with us, friends. We appreciate it.


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