dancing through life, down at the…filoli ballroom

Hello? Unburied yourself from the piles of wrapping paper yet? We finally did, but we’re still recovering from a sugar high over here at casa marcelli….

Which is probably why (in addition to the fact that I am a dork) I keep giggling over that title. Not because it’s particularly apropos or clever. But because I actually was singing and dancing to this song while working on this project. So, excuse me as I pat myself on the back and snicker, while I tell you about filoli ballroom.

It’s the name of the paint for our bathroom vanity! And isn’t it pretty.

2013-08-01 00.54.47

We debated for a long time what color to paint our vanity in here. We kept going back and forth between our strong contenders: black and white. Yeah, I know, we’re crazy like that. White would look nice as it matches the trim we have in the house. But, against the not-quite-white tile, we were afraid a glossy white would make everything look dingy. So, black seemed to have the upper hand. But…we weren’t sure about a big black vanity in a room with soft colors. So, we hesitated.

Then one day we had a crazy idea. What if we drew from the colors in the shower curtain and painted our vanity a soft green? We were sold. We brought a few paint swatches home from Lowes and let them live against the vanity for a few weeks until we had a winner. Filoli ballroom, here we come!

Shower Curtain

I just like that it’s a fun color amidst all our neutral tones.

Filoli Ballroom Paint

We used to have a shelf under the vanity that actually made it impossible to store cleaning bottles upright. Rather than having leaking bottles, or investing in “travel sized” cleaners, I went ahead and removed that when I painted the inside.

Then I added my favorite peel and stick tiles to add some protection to the inside of the cabinet and make it easy to wipe up any spilled cleaners.

Finally, a usable vanity that is clean, has new shiny hardware, and is greeeeeen.

Which, given the title I gave to this post, is appropriate, don’t you think?

Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit here, to an absurd degree, being fixated on it’s verdigris. Ok sorry. I’ll stop. And let you get back to the leftovers! Me? I’m gonna find some more cheesecake….


2 thoughts on “dancing through life, down at the…filoli ballroom

  1. Gotta say, I like how you’re doing more than just skimming the surface in these posts, actually gliding where turf is smooth. One could even say that life truly is painless, for the (fixer-upper) brainless when you’re behind the helm of a keyboard! #defygravity

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