home sweet home ornament

Each year, Rob and I pick a special ornament that captures that year’s Christmas for us. We write the date on them and save them up so that we can remember where we’ve spent each Christmas and what we were doing. For example, the first year we were married we spent Christmas at Disney, so we have a Mickey Mouse Santa hat with the year written on it.

This year, it is our first year to celebrate Christmas in our home, so we wanted something extra special. I looked around a bit and found some adorable ornaments on etsy but they were just too expensive for my taste. Plus, I wanted to bust out some paint.

Handmade First Home Ornament

I wanted to use the bottom of our Christmas tree (what is that called? A stump? A trunk?) for the ornament, but we forgot to get it when we bought our tree! So, one day after work, I went back to Lowes, put on my best Christmas smile, and asked the guys working the tree lot if I could have a Christmas tree stump. They were so sweet to help me out – even going through 4-5 options before they found one I liked! Thank you guys at Lowes!

To dry out the piece of trunk, I put it on some foil and put it in the toaster oven at 100 degrees for a few hours. It worked like a charm! A few days later, I was ready to paint.

Making Ornaments

I just used a sample can of red paint that I had picked up from Lowes earlier this year when I had a “get a free sample” coupon. I got red paint on a whim thinking “I might paint something Christmasy this year!” It worked out perfectly! Since I already had the gold pen as well, it brought the grand total for this project to a whopping $0! (If you didn’t already have the paint and marker on hand, this project would probably cost you an additional $3.99 for the paint and $3.00 for the Sharpie paint pen. The stump/trunk would be free with a smile, of course!)

Homemade Ornament out of Christmas Tree Stump

We’re going to add an eyelet screw to the top so that we can add a hook and hang it from the tree. In the meantime, I’m just pretty excited about my new 2013 Christmas ornament!

First Home Ornament


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