glass water bottles

You may have seen our fun water bottles in our Thanksgiving post here. If not, here’s a refresher picture.

Thanksgiving Table

See those clear glass bottles on each end of the table? I’ve always loved water bottles like that. They’re elegant, classic, and take up way less room on the table than a pitcher. Plus now that we have the in-fridge water purifier, we don’t use a brita anymore.

So when we knew that we were going to host Thanksgiving at our house, I told Rob that I wanted glass water bottles for the table. The conversation went something like this.

Me: “I’d really like to get glass water bottles for the table. You know, like the ones they have in restaurants. I don’t mean like “water bottles” like the kind you drink out of. They’re more like carafes. With a flip-top seal. Except not.”

Rob: “Oh yeah, I know what you mean.”

I guess the third year of marriage is the one in which you start understanding each other’s unhelpful and descriptions. Yay!

Water Carafes

So I started looking for bottles with my jumbled description. And I discovered they’re crazy expensive! Perhaps it was my poor search terms. But, the prices I found were nuts. Like $12-15 per bottle. And I wanted two! I know, I know, $30 isn’t going to break the bank. But….for a glass bottle? I knew I could do better.

Then I remembered our cousin’s favorite lemonade.

Glass bottles. 750 ml. The flip-top seal. Everything I wanted.

So I bought two (at $3.99 – 10% coupon) and threw them into the sink for an overnight bath. The next day the labels peeled off almost entirely. A paper towel with a little Goo Gone took care of the rest and we were good to go!

Water Bottles

I absolutely love these. They are so useful and are perfect for a dinner party. And for around $7 for two? Yes please!

What about you? Ever take a not-so-traditional route to get the look you want and save some cash?



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