it’s beginning to look…..

We’re a little maniacal about Christmas around here. The music, the cookies, the traditions, the cards, the nativities, the lights. We love it all.

Front Porch

There’s just something so special about driving down the streets and seeing decorations and lights on all the houses. It brings back warm memories of climbing up on the roof to hang lights, or making thousands (or so it seemed) of bows out of yards of ribbon for the fence posts by our driveway or fighting with my siblings about the best location for each Christmas ornament (Ugly ornaments go on the back of the tree!)

Christmas Tree

I know that Christmas is about so much more than the decorations, the food and the lights. But there’s something about those traditions that remind me of the specialness of Christmas. It’s as if the whole world is shouting “something awesome is coming! Pay attention, everyone – you think this is cool? You haven’t seen anything yet!


We also love cheesy at casa marcelli. Christmas is a time to indulge our inner children without impunity or judgment. I mean, when else can you have a giant inflatable reindeer on your roof without people thinking you’re crazy?

Reindeer on the Couch

So we embrace it. Complete with stuffed animals, Mickey Mouse Santas and a moose that sings “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” (Sorry, no videos.)


We also love homemade decorations. See the stockings there? When we were in school, and we couldn’t afford to spend much on presents, I found those on sale at Target and then embroidered them for Rob for Christmas. (They were originally just screen printed before I added all the embroidery and buttons.)


Even our kitchen got in on the holiday spirit this year, with our Florida-flamingos-wearing-scarves towels. A bit of a nod to the past.

Christmas Kitchen

Little bits of cheer in each room.

Living Room

And a great big homemade wreath to greet you at the front door.

Front Porch Pole

Merry (almost) Christmas, everyone! What is your house looking like? Do you decorate? Leave that to the pros? Enjoy the holiday spirit in quietness and calm? Or are you the one with the inflatable Rudolph on your roof?


3 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look…..

  1. I’ll have to post my christmas pics, maybe before christmas. haha.

    1. i like your candy cane porch pillars 2. do you have 2 ovens? did i miss that before? 3. i remember when you made those stockings. 🙂 and 4. we bought you the nativity!!!!

    On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 7:11 AM,

    • Haha. Yeah, I hit panic mode this weekend ’cause the wreath wasn’t done yet. And I thought “CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE AND YOU HAVEN’T DECORATED YET!!!!” In all caps.

      1. Thanks ma’am. 2. Yes I do. It originally had a wall oven and a cooktop. But, the wall oven is tiny, so we ripped out the cooktop and installed a full range. Two ovens ftw! 4. Yes, yes you did. And I LOVE it.

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