getting a handle on things

So remember how we talked about painting our doors here? Well, we’ve done more since then. But with the holidays we haven’t had a chance to tell you yet. So let’s get you caught up. We’ve now painted (almost) all of the doors! (We need to finish up the inside doors in the study/third bedroom.)  I just think the doors look so much better now that more of them are done! No more panicking. I LOVE it.

2013-07-31 13.52.37

It’s really funny to us ’cause apparently (who knew?) we are right on trend with these doors! Rob and I always joke that if something has happened since the 2nd century (or 3rd if we’re feeling generous) that we don’t know anything about it. So it should come as no shock that we have no idea or concern what is fashionable or trendy.

So I was stunned when, after we started painting our doors black, I found that 4-5 of the home renovation blogs I follow also painted their doors black! And I thought we were crazy. Apparently we were just right there with the cool kids and didn’t even know it!

We ended up using Valspar Ultra in Dark Kettle Black in a satin finish. After a couple months of living with the doors, we wish that we had gone with a semi-gloss finish. The satin is nice since it’s not too shiny, but it shows marks really easily. Even in a house without kids, we find ourselves wiping down the doors to remove streaks way more than we should have to. Unfortunately we may find painting the doors again in our future (albeit not the near-future).

We also have determined that we will not buy Valspar Ultra again. We wish we had paid up for the Valspar Signature in the beginning. We have since started purchasing the Signature paint and it is well worth the extra cost. Oh well, another lesson learned.


After we painted the doors came the “easy” task of replacing the doorknobs with our new shiny brushed nickel doorknobs. (Yes, they are already installed in the picture above. That’s because I’m an airhead and forgot to take a “before” picture.) We tossed around the idea of painting the old ones, but the brass was pitted in spots and the shapes of the knobs weren’t consistent throughout the house. So, we bought some basic brushed nickel door knobs for the whole house. You can find them here

Once the paint was dry, we excitedly went to install the knobs only to find…..the holes in our doors weren’t a standard size. Of course not. In hindsight, perhaps we should have realized this – the hardware on our doors had clearly never been changed, and the “standard” size had, not surprisingly, changed in the 60 years the doors had been in existence. Whether or not we should have anticipated this, we hadn’t. Either way, the holes in our doors were too small to install new hardware.

So, once again, it was off to Home Depot to buy some more tools. We bought this little gadget, thinking that it would be nice to have a quick solution since we had to do this to every door in the house.

It was super simple to use. Basically you line the guide up with the hole already in your door, clamp it in place, and then drill a new hole in your door. Within minutes, Rob had begun drilling a new hole for the doorknob. (Again, no pictures of this because I’m a spazz.) Within minutes of that, however, the drill bit started slipping. It had already been stripped. So, off we were, back to Home Depot. We returned the broken drill bit, and started to search for another option, having read some reviews that mentioned exactly what we experienced.

In the end, we really liked the setup of the DeWalt installation kit, so we just bought another one. We also bought a separate drill bit to fit inside of it “for when the other one breaks.” Well, apparently that extra drill bit was our good luck charm. The one that came with the kit lasted longer this time (through about 7-8 doors) but it eventually croaked again, and we ended up using the individual bit that we had purchased along with the installation kit.

So now here we are – newly painted doors, gleaming nickel doorknobs, and a color scheme that fits our design scheme.

2013-07-31 13.52.46


Who knew we were trendy? (Although, it’s probably the last time, right? :-))


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