thanksgiving recap

To begin, this post was supposed to be about our Christmas decorations. I was supposed to post these pictures last week, and wrap up the Thanksgiving talk so we could move on to Christmas. But, again, as apparently is becoming the theme around here, even the best laid plans….

Why did things change? Well, ’cause this happened last weekend.
(Sorry about all the phone pictures. With all the craziness we didn’t really pull out the camera this weekend.)

photo 3

I know, I know, to those of you who live in areas that actually have winter, this looks like nothing. The difference is that it’s not snow. It’s ice. And we live in a city with 4 trucks, no salt, and skyhigh overpasses. Ice completely shuts down Dallas, because we just don’t have the infrastructure to deal with wintery storms. Also, our backyard was nothing compared to other areas of town. Move north of us and the roads were disasters. This was Rob’s car after it was parked outside for just a few hours. Again, not snow. That’s ice.


Thursday night on my way home from work, we learned school (and subsequently work) was cancelled for the next day. Yay snow day! Rob was at a conference for work just north of Dallas and because of the snow they decided to stay up there at a hotel instead of coming home. So, Sophie and I hunkered down in the light of the Christmas tree and enjoyed the beginning of our snow/ice day.

photo 4

The next day wasn’t so much fun. I woke up around 2 am to realize something was wrong. In my sleep stupor it took me a few minutes to realize it – it was dead silent in the house. No fans, no white noise…no….heater. Yep, we’d lost power. The ice was so thick and heavy that it was taking down power lines. And, to add to that, most of our trees still had their leaves because of our delayed fall. So, branches were falling left and right as the ice weighed them down incredibly. So, after turning all the faucets on so we wouldn’t have frozen pipes and throwing another blanket on my and Sophie’s beds, I went back to bed and hoped to awaken to power.

Nope. Fortunately we had unpacked all the Christmas candles. And, we still had hot water. And a gas stove. So we weren’t too badly off. Just a little dark. And chilly.

photo 1

Sophie didn’t like the ice though. At all. I tried to explain to her it wasn’t as bad here as other places. But….she never listens to reason. She just walked around the yard like it was going to bite her and tried to keep her feet from touching the white stuff. Which resulted in a lot of spastic jumping.

photo 2

After a day of darkness, our power came back on that evening – about 16 hours later. I was thrilled. Sophie was too. She was happy to be warm again – she slept right next to the vent for the rest of the night.

photo (32)

Honestly, we are so thankful for how things went. Rob got home safely, despite it taking four times as long as it should have due to tons of trees down on the road and a myriad of accidents. Sophie and I stayed the afternoon at a friend’s house so we didn’t get too cold. The power wasn’t out long enough for our food to spoil. And, unlike many, we haven’t had any frozen pipes or tree limbs fall. When I drove out to our friend’s house, I spotted this one in our neighborhood, and I’ve heard of many more who had limbs fall through their roofs into their living rooms.


Many people in Dallas are still out of power as well. We are very thankful.

So, no pictures of Christmas decorations yet. But, we are warm now and just staying cozy inside. Once things thaw out, we’ll finish our decorations and take some pics. In the meantime, we’re just thankful to be safe and warm. Hopefully you are staying warm too. Our prayers go out to those who are still without power. Or who have had their homes damaged in the weather. Or, even worse, who do not have homes this time of year.  

So now, since Christmas decor has to wait a bit, here’s a few recap pictures from Thanksgiving. You already read about my holiday epiphany about trying to be too perfect. But, you didn’t get to see any of our Thanksgiving fun! So here goes.

Rob and I really had a great time putting together our very first Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to have his whole family in town and get to play host and hostess to them. And it was great to get to show them all the house.

Thanksgiving Above

We made way too much food. And broke in the new table with gusto.

Thanksgiving Meal

We may have gotten a little carried away with the cooking, but I love it so much. Cooking is about so much more than food. It’s about heart. Love. Giving to others. Putting yourself on a plate. So, despite the craziness of cooking so much, I loved every minute of it.

Thanksgiving Table

One of the other things that I loved was getting to use my Grandma’s china dishes for the first time. It was so special to me to get to pull these out and enjoy a wonderful meal with them.

Thanksgiving Table Closeup

And, don’t worry. The puppy didn’t get left out. She got to celebrate Thanksgiving with a special bone (from a dinosaur, I think).

Enjoying Thanksgiving

She was in heaven.

Sophie Thanksgiving

In the end, even with the sickness and injuries, we had a wonderful time. So much to be thankful for. Including electricity, heat, roofs with no holes, and having everyone home safely.

photo (33)


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  1. That picture of Rob is wonderful…. A good time was so had by all….you will be an author …. very well written, evokes emotion and a sense of belonging…and not just because I love you 🙂

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