feeling fallish

I love the summer. Flip flops, lemonade, fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob, the beach and the feel of the sun on your skin. I like spring – the crocuses pushing up through the dark soil, trees covered in the light green of new leaves, thunderstorms and soft rain showers. I even like winter some of the time.

But I adore the fall. Appropriate, isn’t it? Since it’s Thanksgiving week now.

It’s always been my favorite season of the year: the crazy colors and shapes of pumpkins, crisp air, apple cider, the crunch of leaves, bonfires, sweatshirts and flip flops, pulling out your cozy sweaters. It just makes me want to be outside soaking up the glorious air. Then, curl up inside in comfy socks with a cup of hot cider and a good book.

We’ve always bought fun pumpkins each fall. But this year, since we have a house, we got to decorate outside for the first time. Knowing how much I love them, Rob took me to Central Market to pick out pumpkins for our house. It was incredible how hard it was for me not to purchase all of them.

pumpkin door 2

We ended up with this awesome green-and-orange pumpkin for the front porch, and these adorable little guys for the planter.

pumpkins planter 2

Then, a few days later, Rob surprised me with these fall mums and a jack-o-lantern pumpkin for the steps.

front of house

I just love pulling up to my front door now. Look how cheerful everything is!


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