a tale of two tables

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness….

Ok, perhaps that’s being a tad bit melodramatic. But we have had some pretty varied highs and lows lately.

Let’s start with the lows. ‘Cause it’s always better to get that out of the way first. First of all, this post was supposed to go up last week. Why is it late? Well, because after our good news (wait for it) this happened.

photo 1

Yes, that’s me sporting a finger sweater and some residual betadine. Here’s what happened.

It was Sunday night and I had just whipped up a pan of spanakopita for dinner. I was thawing salmon to sear and chopping up parsley to make chimichurri, my new favorite sauce for fish. Like always, I was using my nifty immersion blender (link here if you’re not familiar with immersion blenders) to chop the herbs and mix up the sauce. Well, the parsley has a nasty habit of getting packed into the head of the blender. So, like always, I flipped the blender up and scooped the parsley out of the blades. Unlike always, I managed to push the button with my other hand. Resulting in…well, you can imagine. After I calmly called yelled for Rob to come in from the other room, we headed off to the E.R. for some shots, stitches, x-rays, more shots, drugs, and the finger sweater.

I was out of commission for two days. Pain meds and my stomach don’t mix well. Pain meds 1, stomach 0. But, after a couple days, I was able to stop taking the pain meds and felt much better. The rest of the week went by in a flash as I tried to learn to type without a left-hand index finger. (Actually easier than you’d think. I think relearning to use it again is going to be the hard part.)

Anyway, that story covers both the “worst of times” and “age of foolishness” part of this story. Consider yourself warned: cleaning out an immersion blender while it’s still powered: Not cool.

The good news is – there is good news! Wanna guess what it is?

Here’s a sneak peek.

Stornas Table

See it? Isn’t it pretty?

We got a table! We totally didn’t expect that we would be getting a table this year. We looked for a long time. Found some that we liked. Even priced some out. But, we just couldn’t justify spending $1000 on a dining set right now. We need a table since we’re hosting our family for Thanksgiving next week, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to spend the money at this point.

So, we headed to Costco to buy a folding table for $50. Throw a tablecloth on it and it’ll look great, right? And, as I reminded myself as we loaded the plastic table into the car – Thanksgiving is about family and sharing a meal and celebrating with those you love and being thankful for what you have. And this plastic table was going to help us do that splendidly. Yay!

Library and Dining Room

The next day after we got our table home, I was sitting at work when Rob called. “Ummm, so I may have found a table” he said. He’d gone to IKEA with a friend to help him pick up some bookcases and wandered into the scratch and dent section. Where he’d found a floor model of a table. Here it is. Perfect condition. Great color. Solid wood. Extending table. And the kicker? 40% off the list price. Which made it…. about 80% less than the other tables we had been considering! So, rather than spend $50 on the folding table (and then another $???.?? on the future table, we decided to return the folding table and get this one!

Our New Table from IKEA

And we absolutely love it. It fits in our space perfectly and it’s really very sturdy. I love the fact that it’s extendable so we can adjust for however many people we have.

And it’s so much fun to put out my grandma’s pretty china dishes. Aren’t they beautiful?


So there you have it. The best and worst in casa marcelli.


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