natural sleep solutions

I don’t sleep well.


You’d think growing up in a large family, I’d be able to sleep through anything. But while I generally don’t have a problem staying asleep, I’ve always had some difficulty (unlike the one pictured above) falling asleep. Repetitive sounds keep me up. My mind races. I get too hot. I get too cold. The light from the street keeps me up. I get lonely and want to cuddle. Rob reaches over and holds my hand and I feel suffocated and push him away.

You get the picture. It’s not pretty.


I have a fan that we turn on every night for white noise. And, I have a white noise app on my phone that I play if the fan is not enough. And, earplugs that I use as a third measure. And, as you saw previously, we have turned our bedroom into a cave.

With all that, however, I still struggle to fall asleep each night. So, I’ve started to try a few new things to help me get the sleep that I need.

I’ve taken melatonin, the natural sleep aid, in the past but it gave me crazy vivid dreams. And, for anyone who’s heard one of my dreams, you know I don’t need any help in that department.

photo (2)

I didn’t want to take any medication for fear of dependence. Plus, if I can solve a problem without medication, I’d always rather do that. So, here’s my list.

– Exercise early in the morning instead of at night.
– Create a “sleep routine” in the evenings – brush my teeth, wash my face earlier in the evening, make a cup of tea, stop working on projects.
– Get lavender oil for the bedroom to utilize aromatherapy to create a stress-free/sleepy situation.
– Keep our bedroom clean and restful.

So far it seems to be helping (when I actually follow my routine!). I picked up this tea from Central Market.

And we got this lavender diffuser from Williams Sonoma.

It’s funny – with my sleepytime tea, and my sleep-inducing aromatherapy, and my bedtime face-washing routine, I feel like I’m sleep training myself the way you sleep train a baby. But hey, if it works….I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby anyway?

Any of you have tricks that help you to sleep?


One thought on “natural sleep solutions

  1. wow. i thought this post was about sophie’s insomnia. haha πŸ™‚

    since we’ve been getting up early lately, i’m super exhausted at bed time so i usually fall asleep really quickly.

    On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 7:00 AM,

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