swinging from the chande-globe

If you asked me recently about what we’ve been working on in the house, you would have had the great pleasure of hearing something like this:

“Well, it’s kinda like a globe. No a sphere. But it’s a basket. Made out of wood. Like the ribs of it are a big circle and they all connect. And it hangs like a sphere. And it has a pendant in the middle.”

Helpful description, isn’t it?

Well if you haven’t guessed, that is the only way I’ve found to describe the new light fixture/chandelier/globe/sphere we got for our dining room. But, since you know what they say about pictures and thousands of words, I’ll just show you.

light fixture

Cue ooohs and ahhs. Isn’t she a beauty? I love the fun shadows it casts on the floor and ceiling.

We found her at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in town. We had heard tons about them and decided to just stop in one Saturday and see what they had. Wandering through the lighting section, we just stumbled across it. The funny thing is, I picked the the basket sphere light and thought “this is awesome, but Rob probably won’t like it. It’s a little trendier than the rest of our house.” But he loved it too!! It’s a little different from our typical staidboring, traditional decorating taste, but everyone’s gotta have a little fun every now and again, right? And, let’s face it, “traditional” wasn’t doing anything for the previous light fixture.

ugly chandelier

The stick part outside was originally brown.

We thought about just replacing the pendant with a new colorful one, but when we got home, we realized that it was a little more worn than we could see in the store. So, I asked Rob if we should consider painting it. And, while my mind was stuck in the boring (“should we just paint it brown?”) Rob was way ahead of me. “How about we paint it white?”


light fixture painting

So, two cans of spray paint later (seriously, how did it take that much paint?) and a new pendant for the middle, we have this beauty in our dining room. I adore the crisp white finish next to the shiny white trim in the room. And, the subtle “shell” finish of the pendant light that makes it beachy (well, once we add our beach decor it will) without being crazy. Love. And, bonus, getting the twig globe light at the ReStore saved us some pennies and made us feel good about our money spent.


Sophie likes it too!


So, what about you? Ever bought a cool twig-basket-wooden-sphere-stick-globe light? Painted one?


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