it was a dark and storm-y door

Forgive the literary pun. I can’t help myself.

Earlier this summer, I decided it was time for the front door to lose it’s orangey appeal and try on a more sedate black. It took about four coats of paint to cover up all the orange, so it took me a good few hours to paint it, let it dry, paint again, repeat all the steps. I used a small foam roller for the panels and the sides and a 2″ angled brush for inside the squares.

2013-08-04 10.15.04

It was a lot of work. But a welcome change after we had lived with this for a few months.


After I painted the front door, we took a bit of a siesta on painting to focus on other projects (read about them in the coming days). Partially because my hand was in a permanent claw from holding a paintbrush and partially because our outdoor paint said not to use it in temperatures over 90 degrees. (Yes, I got up at 7 on a Saturday so that I could paint the front door before it got too hot, and I was not about to do that again.) So, the house didn’t change for awhile.

But in celebration of having one of the first days of non-100-degrees-sweltering-heat over the weekend, we spent the day outside soaking up the glorious fall weather. And painting. Naturally.

And our shutters went from a rusty orangey red to sleek black! See the difference between the painted shutters and the orange ones on the right side of the picture?


(The paint looks a little blue here, but as it dried it looks more solidly black as you can see below).

We’re so excited about the classic traditional look! And, more distinction between the colors. The red-on-brick-on-orange-on-brown look just wasn’t doing it for us.

house shutters

And then, since we were on a roll, we decided to try to squeeze one more project in before we lost our sunlight.

A few minutes later, our storm door was lying in the bulk trash pile in front of our house. We ripped it off it’s hinges and heaved to the rubbish bin where it belongs.

Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic. More like we unscrewed it and then awkwardly carried it across the lawn to the curb where it will sit until bulk trash pick up this week.

But the difference is definitely dramatic! I feel like when I got my braces removed in high school and discovered I had teeth under all that nonsense. Look how pretty our house is looking!

house no door

Just for fun, let’s have a before & after.




house no door

Addendum: for those of you who are wondering about our paint choices, this is Behr Marquee color-matched to Valspar Dark Kettle Black in semi-gloss. We contemplated using Behr’s Marquee black but we wanted it to be as close to the black we used on the interior doors as possible, hence the color-match.


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