be our guest! be our guest!

Though we don’t have dancing flatware or a hospitable candelabra (like how I’ve had two Beauty and the Beast references in a single week?), we do love guests. And we got to play host to my brother, who visited a few weeks ago! We had a splendid time, and his arrival gave us the necessary push to make some progress on the guest room!

From this:


To this:


This may have happened along the way.

photo (39)

Sorry if we don’t re-create that welcome when you come visit….I mean, once we’re done painting, I dunno that I’m picking up a brush again anytime soon. (What am I kidding myself, my list of things to paint keeps growing!)

But, for now, we’re loving that our guest room is inhabitable now. Simple changes, but they make a room much cozier.

Wanna come visit?

If you’re good, we’ll even let Sophie snuggle with you!

photo (19)


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