eat your heart out, belle

My favorite Disney movie of all time has always been Beauty and the Beast. Why is that? Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Belle was a brunette. Or, perhaps because she was intelligent and uninterested in the condescension of Gaston, or the vapid fawning of his entourage.

All that may be true, but my admiration may simply have come from envy over the library that the Beast gives her. Remember that library?


But, let’s be realistic. My library probably won’t have multiple stories or soaring ceilings, and it may look more like the town library she read through in the beginning of the movie. Remember that one?

But let me tell you this: Rob and I painted the library and set it up a few weekends ago, and it is stunning. I feel like Belle – given the best gift a girl can get. Check it out.


This is my new favorite spot in the house.


I’ve always counted books as some of my dearest friends. And, I’m so glad to have them surrounding us again. Remember what the room looked like when we first moved in?


It felt so good to empty out those boxes and be able to read again.


And, I adore our mail slot with it’s fresh coat of glossy white and the hinges and pull Rob hit with some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.


So if anyone is looking for me in the next few weeks, you know where to find me: in my fairy-tale library.

Addendum: the paint we used was Valspar Ultra color-matched to Glidden’s Wood Smoke in an eggshell finish. The trim is Valspar Signature in Ultra White semi-gloss. Note: since painting this room, we have switched to buying Valspar Signature paint instead of Valspar Ultra. It seems to cover much better with fewer coats and we’ve decided it’s worth the extra investment.


7 thoughts on “eat your heart out, belle

  1. This may be my favorite post on your blog of all time! A) beauty and the beast is the BEST b) I LOVE your library and c) I can’t wait to sit in your library and read a book!

  2. i must say i was hoping for a spiral staircase or a sliding ladder…but that can be part of library phase 2! haha 🙂

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