so we did something crazy

Well, crazy for us, at least. If you’ve been tracking with the progress in our house at all, you’ll note that we’re big fans of neutral colors. We’ve been joking recently about how bored we are with painting every single room in the house with the same 5 gallon bucket of tan paint! And, our other color? Grey. Yeah….boring, right?

Well, we haven’t ventured out into the realm of colorful paint yet (we’ll save that for accents and the master bathroom, maybe), but we are stepping up the drama.

With (drumroll please)….



Black doors!

Aren’t they gorgeous?


The funny thing is, when we first started painting the doors, I hated them. Like, literally I almost cried. I didn’t even say anything about it – Rob simply turned around after hanging the door, took one look at my face and said “yeah…you don’t like them, do you?” Which was really sad seeing as we had already painted 3 doors. Also, he loved them. But, for whatever reason they just looked gaudy and way-too-bold in our house. In my mind, they looked beautiful. In our house….well, that was another story.

But, my brother was coming to visit and we didn’t have time to repaint them at the time, so I told Rob we’d leave them up for the next week and see if they grew on me.

And, fortunately, they did – with the formula of time + hanging-black-picture-frames-in-the-hall-so-the-door-was-not-the-only-black-thing-there, I decided I loved the doors. See the difference adding those black accents makes?


With the shiny brushed nickel doorknobs, they almost look new. Not bad for repainting a 60 year old house’s original doors!


3 thoughts on “so we did something crazy

    • Thanks! You can tell David that the door count is currently….9 1/2 (the front side is done, but not the back) doors down, 5 1/2 to go! We’re getting there. 🙂 Exhausting, but so worth it.

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