Catchy, isn’t it? That’s the name of our new glass tile for the backsplash over the stove. Talk about a great name, huh? It does have another name: Avon Series Brick Style Glass Mosaic. The color is Wey. Yeah…really grabs you, huh? Fortunately, the tile is way prettier than it’s name.

You’ll remember that the rest of our backsplash is a really subtle white beadboard. Here’s a pic for reference:

photo (46)

Over the stove, however, we wanted something that would handle splatters really well and be easy to wipe down, (the beadboard is actually really great on this front because of the semi-gloss paint we used on it, but we wanted to be extra cautious, considering how often you can find us making up a big pot of tomato sauce, etc.) and we also wanted a small pop of color. Remember the light over the sink? (Sorry about the old picture. Apparently we don’t have any pictures of the light after we painted the trim. Well, we do, but the light is on, and it’s hard to see the color in pictures.)

photo (37)

We wanted to tie in with the blue light there as well as the subtle blue stripes in the grasscloth wallpaper in the breakfast nook. (Here’s a shot of it in a book – which makes it easier to see the blue strands in it – it’s the one on the left.)

photo (21)

We love how the tan (faded burlap, to be exact) paint, the tan and blue grasscloth, and the blue glass bring a subtle beachy vibe to the house without being over the top or cheesy. And, once we install the backsplash, we’ll have hints of blue spaced throughout the room for cohesiveness. Layer in some of my many blue dishes and vases, and I think it just brings everything together nicely.

The tile should come in soon – we just ordered it yesterday – and we’re really excited. And nervous. It’ll be our first time tiling something so it should be interesting. We’ve got lots of blogs and videos to follow for tips and tricks, so fingers crossed….

You know what this means, right? The kitchen is almost completely finished! Did I mention we’re excited? Despite the lackluster name, glmx16, we can’t wait to meet you!


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