so many doors, so little….everything else

We’ve been a bit busy around here lately – family visiting, work trips, weddings, etc. And, we’ve had less time for painting and more time for watching nieces dive headfirst onto the doggie bed, proclaiming it perfectly sized for them. Yeah, I wish I had a picture of that too.

I do have this picture though. Pretty darn cute, isn’t she?

photo (22)

But, because we’re so awesome (lol) the midst of all of that, we did manage to paint a few cabinet doors. And, fortunately, Rob laid out all the doors for the lower cabinets on the sink side. So, instead of having random cabinets with doors, it actually makes sense. Here’s how it looked as we installed (21)

We had to find a way to attach the false drawer fronts in front of the sink. Before they were attached with hinges and had those sponge-holders on the inside of the doors. Since I’m really not a fan of those holders (or cleaning them out) we decided the false drawer fronts didn’t need to be usable. Liquid nails, our best friend, once again came to our (20)

Look how great the kitchen looks now with the doors!photo (25)

I was worried, at first, that the doors would continue to look old fashioned with the somewhat ornate double panels. But, in the end, a fresh coat of glossy white paint and some dark hardware brings it into the 21st century!

Remember what it looked like before?IMG_0356

I love it now, even if the upper cabinets don’t have doors yet. photo (26)

And, lest you wonder about the rest of the doors, here they are:photo (24)

They’re all sanded and ready to be primed and painted. And, see the blue tape underneath each door? Each of those has a “picture” (if you can call it that – mostly they are each a series of circles and boxes with x’s on them) of where each door goes. So, as long as no one breaks into the garage to mess with our system, hanging the doors again should be a breeze!

Now on to that!


5 thoughts on “so many doors, so little….everything else

  1. Your niece is just adorable! Being an aunt is the absolute best! But the kitchen is really something else every step is great! So glad you guys are organized otherwise it would be an overwhelming puzzle with those doors!

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