This post is just fun. Well, it was for me. I just learned about this nifty online tool where you can create a floor plan of your house! So, in a little downtime last week, I whipped up my very first floor plan. It’s a little off, I’m sure. (Math/architecture/drawing have never been my strong suits.) But, it gives you a little idea of the layout of our house, for those of you who haven’t yet been able to visit!

Think of it as a map so when you come visit you won’t get lost. You know, because our house is cavernous.

Also, you know what talking about maps and directions always makes me think of? The dialogue between Lucy and Edmund in Prince Caspian (of The Chronicles of Narnia) when they are discussing directions.

Edmund: “That’s the worst of girls. They never can carry a map in their heads.”
Lucy: “That’s because our heads have something inside them.”

That’s what it is, right? That’s why I can’t ever get anywhere without my Google Maps app, right? Yeah, that’s what we’ll go with.

Anyway, back on track: floor plan. Here we go.


Take notes. Now you’ll be prepared for your visit.


One thought on “floorplanning

  1. Study, guest room, AND library, that’s awesome. So all your thousands of book children can have ample space. 🙂

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