beadboard backsplash bonanza

We have a backsplash! And it is wonderful. Simply wonderful. We’re getting to the point when the kitchen is starting, almost, to look like a finished product and it is maddening and thrilling at the same time.

photo (46)

We decided early on that we wanted to use beadboard for our backplash. I’ve always been a huge fan of the beach-cottage look, and we thought it would fit well with the wainscoting and paneling that was already in the kitchen.

One of the problems that we knew we’d run into in this process were those adorable block windows above the countertops. Remember them?

photo (43)

When they ripped out the old backsplash to install the granite, the boxes that fit inside the wall to frame out the windows were toast as well.

photo (34)

But, with a little ingenuity and some measurements, Rob built us some new boxes that look even better than the originals  And, bonus – they’re bigger, so we get to see more of the window and get more light!

photo (35)

Once we finished attaching the beadboard, as you can see in process above, it was time to frame out the windows and trim all the edges of the backsplash. Aka, time for me to get acquainted with the miter box. We didn’t take a picture so you’ll just have to take me word how thrilled I was by the end of making about 10294124124124 45˚ angle cuts.

But, in the end, it all turned out pretty well!

photo (38)

And, while I had the miter box out, we figured it was time to say goodbye to the remnant ruffles in the kitchen. Remember these?

photo (40)

Well, they’re gone now. Check it out!

photo (42)

The ruffles are history!

photo (37)

We also had to add some trim around the bottom of the window above the sink since the old window ledge was way thicker than the new. Scroll up three pictures to see the gap that it left. Once again, the solution to life = slap some trim on it and call it good.

The next day, after a few nice coats of paint, and some expert caulking around the edges to make everything good and waterproof, it’s looking pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.

photo (48)

photo (47)

I think I am in love.


5 thoughts on “beadboard backsplash bonanza

  1. You guys are just TOO clever! it is just beautiful and no shortcuts! This should be on one of those makeover shows, Bravo!!

  2. Looks great! We are about to add the bead board backsplash as well. I love the look of it. I have to say, I have never seen windows under the cupboards before. Very unique!

  3. Is your breadboard backsplash wood. fiberglass or vinyl? I would prefer wood but need to figure out water concerns. Any input would be great

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