grasscloth gorgeousness

Remember when I talked about how we needed to get wallpaper for the breakfast area in the kitchen? Well we did!!! Check it out.

photo (51)

Amazing, right? Especially when we look back at the beginning.


We debated in the wallpaper book store for a long time on what to get. We loved the look of grasscloth, but the fact that it was easily stainable, difficult to clean, delicate, and retained odors made it a very bad idea in a kitchen/house with pets/house that might have children someday/house with an accident-prone person like me. So, real grasscloth was out. And, most of the vinyl/life-friendly ones that we checked out looked…wrong. They were either entirely smooth, or looked like stripes, or were metallic/shimmery looking. No good. So, we asked our new friend at Texas Paint & Wallpaper if they had any other options and explained our hesitation with what we were seeing. Voila. She had the perfect book for us, but it was checked out. Fortunately she had another customer’s order that had arrived that day and she let us take a sneak peak at it. Bingo. It was absolutely perfect. (Note, it’s the one on the left page.)

photo (21)

It has texture, imperfect lines (like real grasscloth), a perfect color for us, and is scrubbable, vinyl and washable! So after we confirmed our decision by checking the book out later and taking it home to compare, we eagerly ordered our wallpaper, and then let it sit in the -storage area- front room until we were ready. After prepping the walls (patching some spots, sanding it, priming it), we were ready to start hanging some (faux) grasscloth!

photo (30)

Sophie was excited too.

photo (32)

The wallpaper was unpasted – which neither of us had ever used before. So, it was a bit of a learning experience, but we quickly settled in to a good routine – Rob rolling the paste onto the paper, me using a brush to “cut in” around the edges (like paint, like wallpaper paste, apparently in our house).

photo (29)

Once we got the hang of it (and tore two pieces) it went really pretty smoothly! And it was so much fun to see it come together.

photo (27)

It went so well, once we were done with the wallpaper, we strung up some new 2″ blinds in the window.

photo (24)

And then (as you probably noticed earlier) decided it was time to say an official goodbye to the awful broken fan.

photo (45)

We’re so thrilled. Rob may or may not have caught me hugging the wallpaper the other day….

What do you think? Have you ever hugged wallpaper?


4 thoughts on “grasscloth gorgeousness

  1. All your hard work, money, and thoughtfulness has really created a beautiful space for you guys to make a home in to share and enjoy. Absolutely love it 🙂

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