oh just painting some baseboards….

You may have noticed earlier this week that the hallway looked a little different in this post. You’re absolutely right! It’s painted. Finally. Seriously, this project probably was our “longest-taking-project-that-really-should-have-been-done-in-a-day” project.

One of the problems was determining what to do with the trim.



See the trim along the floor? It’s layered trim – baseboards + quarter round. We weren’t quite sure what color the quarter round should be. When we moved in, it was all wood-tone/matching the floors, while the baseboards were white.

When we painted the bedroom, we just left the quarter round untouched and painted the baseboards alone, thinking that perhaps the quarter round should continue to match the floor. After we were finished I wasn’t entirely happy with it, but I wasn’t sure if painting the quarter round would make it better, and anyway, it was time to move in to the house, so we didn’t change anything.

When it came to painting the hallway, however, I was still thinking about the issue with the quarter round and so we decided to give it a shot and paint everything.

What. A. Difference.



See how much better the hallways with the painted quarter round looks?! I love how crisp and modern it looks now. And it makes the baseboards look way chunkier and more substantial which I love.

Here’s a “needs one more coat of paint” shot. At least you can see what I mean about the baseboards being more substantial.



And, if the one “bedroom/hallway” trim comparison wasn’t enough for you, check this one out. This is the hallway compared to the unpainted trim in the study. Yikes! (No, that’s not because of shadows. The old trim really was that yellowed/brown/gross.)


So fun to see what a difference something simple like painting a hallway can make! And now….guess we’ll add a task back to the bedroom list: paint the quarter round!



One thought on “oh just painting some baseboards….

  1. Wow. I especially like that hallway/bedroom pic that shows the difference. it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better painted. awesome.

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