the right lighting

In the midst of our kitchen renovations, we’ve also been (slowly) working on the hallway. It didn’t require much – painting, changing out a light fixture – but with everything else going on, it took awhile. Last weekend, though, we were able to make some good progress.

One of the biggest changes was the light. We went from this teeny tiny super-outdated light,


to this beauty


Look how pretty it is! We love how it add just a little pop of color to our pretty plain hallway. And it’s just a much better size for the room. And, bonus, in changing out the bulbs, we switched from one 100 watt bulb to two 15 watt bulbs. Yeah saving energy & money! And, looking pretty dang stylish while doing it!



6 thoughts on “the right lighting

  1. great choice you guys …I wouldn’t have thought of that in a store but it looks really nice! the hallway is so nice and bright what a difference the paint makes 🙂

  2. yay! (which is my blanket response to all of your posts apparently). (i guess i’m not as good as you at being a unique and valuable commentor)

    On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM,

    • …or my posts are just all boring and about practically the same thing.

      “today we updated _______________ and it is no longer (old/rusty/nasty/ruffly/gross) but is now beautiful and awesome and we love it.”

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