let me explain

No, there is too much. Let me sum up. (Name that movie.)

We’re getting really close to the finish line on our big kitchen project!! We’re so excited. I’m not going to know what to do with myself when I got to make dinner and not have to work around an appliance in the middle of the room, or watch not to step on a case of drill bits. It’s going to be amazing.

Plus, our kitchen is already looking incredible. I’m already in love and we don’t even have it finished yet.

Also, since I am incredibly type A and love my lists, I’ve had a lot of fun keeping track of how we’re doing. It’s so exciting to see how many things we’ve been able to check off. So, here is the list as it currently stands!

Kitchen Tasks:

Paint Cabinets:  Scrubbing cabinets, removing doors & hardwaresanding cabinets, priming cabinets, painting twice, patching a hole in one of the cabinets, sanding drawers & doors, priming doors & drawers, painting doors & drawers twice, replace doors & drawers, install new hardware.

Painting: Paint walls, paint baseboards, paint vent covers, paint ceiling.

Replace Outlets & Switches:  Replace ungrounded outlets, install GFCIs by sink, flip upside down outlets behind oven & stove, remove piggy backed outlet box under stove, replace outlet under sink, replace switches & covers.

Line Cabinets: Install peel & stick tiles under sink, line cabinets with shelf liner.

New Fridge: Remove old fridge, install new one.

Microwave: Remove old microwave, remove trim, move stopper behind microwave, flip outlet behind stove, order & install microwave trim kit.

Dishwasher: Remove old & install new dishwasher, replace valves & shutoffs under the sink.

Install Stove: Remove old countertop, remove gas cooktop, rip out cabinets, move gas line back into wall, install new cabinets, install trim on cabinets to correct size, install new stove, install hood.

Windows: Install blinds over kitchen sink, install blinds by dining area, make curtains.

Lighting: Remove track lighting, install pendant light over sink, remove fan, hang chandelier over breakfast area, replace fluorescent lights, rewire lighting fixtures in the attic (remove fire hazard – more on that later), replace fluorescent light covers & boxes, install under cabinet lighting.

Wallpaper: Strip wallpaper (no, that’s not a typo….this is *mostly* done), prime walls, order wallpaper, hang wallpaper.

Countertops: Pick out countertops, measure for countertops, install countertops, install sink.

Replace Disposal: Remove disposal, purchase disposal, replace.

Install Backsplash: Get beadboard, attach backsplash, pick out medallion/over the stove tile.

Build Kitchen Table & Chairs: exactly what this sounds like.

….It’s been a pretty busy almost-two months here! What have you all been up to?

4 thoughts on “let me explain

  1. “never get involved in a land war in asia”. i had to answer with a quote so as not to wreck the fun for others.
    fun “bumping” into you on my reader. good luck with the remodel!

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