the puppies….

No, that’s not plural. We just refer to the dog by the pluralized form of the word. There’s not multiples of her, and she’s not even a puppy anymore.

But, she thinks she’s a person. And that she needs to put her head on a pillow to sleep. This is what humans do….DSCN2967

Seriously, if I take the pillow, or have the audacity to suggest that a human use it instead of her, she sighs an exasperated sigh and gives me a look of disdain.  The girl likes her pillows.

photo (4)

She’s also completely baffled as to why we’d shut her out of the house while we’re working on hanging lights. “What ya doing guys? What ya doing? This whole big yard I have to play in? Yeah, not as interesting as what you’re doing….”DSCN2926

But, this could partially be our fault. After all, we’re the ones who let her believe she was a lapdog…

photo (7)

“What? What do you mean I don’t fit up here? I’m only 70 lbs….” photo (5)

Yep. She thinks she’s a (3)

“You gonna bring me a drink or what?”photo (6)


5 thoughts on “the puppies….

  1. several thoughts…who is scarier? Rob just waking up or her eyes!!!! 2- I am glad she is rotten spoiled as my grand dog deserves… 3 – At least she doesn’t have a wardrobe! 4. She does have some boundaries, your bedroom (see other post 🙂 !

    • It’s true. 🙂 She does have limits. And, she’s only allowed on the couch if specifically invited. So….there’s something….

      I know! Her eyes are very scary! I was going to edit them, but…apparently I’m lazy. So, I just end up with a Borg-dog.

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