the state of the garage, april edition

Again…it gets worse before it gets better, right?

Rob and I were talking last night about how it’s difficult to summarize how things are going at the house sometimes. “Well, we’re making progress…but it looks worse now than when we moved in….” or “well, it’s coming together…a.k.a. it’s getting worse,” or “yeah, it’s just a disaster right now.” Yep, pretty much that’s it.

Currently our kitchen is in shambles. We are working on doing the most extensive renovations in there at the moment, which means ripping out cabinets and appliances, our rooms filled with new cabinets and appliances, and tools covering my countertops instead of dishes. But, while we’re working on that super secret project (pictures to be revealed once we finish it!), here’s a few updates on other parts of the house.

We’re back in the garage, where this is going on. (Bulk trash pick up this week.)



And this. (Painting cabinet doors is the next step….)



And this:




Yes, those are 87 patches on the walls.



From 87 holes. Yeah, holes. Holes that just lead from the garage into the house. Yep, openings in the walls to the outside. Apparently the MO was “need another outlet? Just drill a hole in the wall and run lines through. No need to finish it off.”



So, it’s both coming together well and looking like a tornado went through at the same time. But….”the house is coming together nicely,” everyone! 🙂


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