a tale on film

In the category of “small projects that make a big difference” we made some updates to the garage lately.


We have a series of 4 windows in the garage door, which bring in great light, but aren’t so great for privacy. And, since the laundry and the freezer are in the garage, it had the potential to get a little awkward. You know, you go out to throw your jeans in the dryer, or to get something out of the freezer and it’s all “hey, neighbors, it’s just me in my garage…in my robe….”


We decided to get some privacy film for the windows to make the garage a little more user-friendly and private.


The process was a little bit tedious if you followed the directions. Clean the window. Let it dry. Spray the windows again. Cut the film. Spray both sides of the film. Spray the film again as you peel off the backing. Spray the window again. Affix the film to the window. Use the squeegee to make it stick. Spray the film on the window again. Use the squeegee to push out all the bubbles. Spray it again. Repeat.

Seriously, I think we used just about the entire bottle of spray to affix film to four narrow windows.


But in the end, it did exactly what we wanted!


Look at Sophie out on the driveway from inside the garage.


Voila! Privacy achieved.



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