it’s the little things

When people have ask how the house has been going, and if we’ve been working on it a lot, my response lately has been something like “well, not really. We didn’t do a ton this weekend.” Then I start naming the things that we did and I realize…wow, we did do a lot!

Why do I keep tripping myself up? We’ve taken a brief break from the huge tasks and have been focusing on short projects lately. The kind that can be finished in an hour – the kind that feel simple and easy, and yet make a huge difference in a room. Here’s a few of the things we’ve been working on lately.

Project #1: Switches

We switched out some of the light switches in the living room and love how much more finished the room looks now!DSCN2928

Project #2: Sconce Lights 

When we moved in, we noticed that one of the previous owner’s “upgrades” was adding track lighting to the living room ceiling and walls. She pointed the lights so that if you sat on her couch, one of the lights would perfectly illumine your book or magazine. But, since our couch was neither the size of hers nor our taste the same as hers, we needed to find new lights.


Inspired by some pinning of super expensive sconce lights from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, we ended up getting globes and sconce lights from Lowes, flipped them over and created our own sconce lights.


We’re pretty happy with the results.


Project #3: Pendant Light in the Kitchen + Some Blinds

I had been dreaming about a blue pendant light over the sink ever since we saw the house. With a pendant kit from Home Depot, it was a breeze.


From weird track lighting to beautiful modern pendant light!


And, while we wereat it, we decided the trash-bag-in-the-window look had run it’s course and it was time for some real blinds.


Amazing what a difference they make!

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately here – a bunch of small, quick fixes while we brace ourselves for the next wave of the kitchen remodel! We’re enjoying the break and loving how much more finished our house looks with these updates!


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