pinterest inspiration

One of the most practical and surprisingly helpful things about our new kitchen is an idea I got from Pinterest: peel & stick tiles underneath the sink in the kitchen! Here’s the original link that inspired me.

What a fantastic idea! This worked particularly well for our kitchen because some of the cabinet bottoms were pretty beat up.

After spraypainting the pipes and bottom of the cabinets, I affixed the tiles.


It worked so well we tried it in another beat-up cabinet.


What a great idea! So glad for Pinterest inspiration!


And, as a bonus today, you get a shot of the board that is holding up the entire house. Seriously, this board is attached to the inside of one of the cabinets – how does one board need…however many nails that required?!??! Our only conclusion is this board is, somehow, part of the essential structure of the house….



3 thoughts on “pinterest inspiration

    • Sturdier, no peeling, can be wiped up easily if something leaks under the sink. But, mostly, in this case, just a thicker/more substantial blocker between the crud down there and my dishes/vases/etc.

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