in the kitchen with casa marcelli

So, you might be wondering how we’ve gotten so much work done in such a short amount of time. Especially when we both have jobs.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but we’re not really that great. We had about a three week lead on the projects before we started blogging. So, it’s kinda like a cooking show. You know, the kind where the whip up a frittata by mixing together the contents of a handful of pretty glass bowls, pop it in the oven and then, after about 30 seconds, pull a fully baked and amazing looking dish out of the oven, cut it and declare how delicious it is.

I wish! If not for the quick-baking, for how clean their kitchen is after cooking!

But alas, it doesn’t happen in the kitchen, nor in home renovations. Actually we’re going to need to speed up the renovations here, or we’ll have to slow down our posts!

But, we’re making progress…. Here’s some updates on the kitchen.

Remember the beginning:


We particularly liked the tchotchke shelf. (No. That was sarcasm…. :))


And, the off-white color of the cabinets….which looks ok in pictures, but just looked dingy and dated in real life.


Painting the cabinets was fairly straightforward…just very time consuming.

Prepping for paint:


Removing the ruffles!


Cleaning the cabinets. Ew!


That’s better.


Painting inside cabinets: NOT one of my favorite things to do. I learned a few things. First, paint fumes make one a bit….loopy. Second, loopyness is not conducive to keeping my hair paint-free. Sorry no pictures of that.


And, after the first coat we were making progress….


Final paint. As you can tell, we’re still working on a solution for these ruffles. They are built in to the cabinets so we couldn’t just rip them off like the others. We have a few ideas. Pictures to come when we finish that step!


New paint makes it look so fresh and clean.


It was so much fun to get to put things away!


I didn’t even realize how much I had missed my kitchen and cooking (even if it’s not magically done in an instant like on cooking shows).


We still have a few projects left (as you can see we need to hang some blinds) but it’s definitely starting to look like a kitchen.



5 thoughts on “in the kitchen with casa marcelli

  1. I had a couple comments but I think I forgot them because I got distracted at the end. Are you going to keep the cabinets without doors? Because that looks amazing. And super convenient. We’ve always considered forgoing cabinet doors if it could look good and be super function. Yours looks really good, hence my asking. I did wonder about dust and grease, but since your dishware is stored opposite the stove it might be less of an issue. And if everything is used frequently – plates, glasses, etc, looks like it, dust shouldn’t be a problem. You’re probably going to say, “oh, nah, we just haven’t gotten a picture the doors back on yet and we like it better that way,” but I just got super excited.

    Other comments – something about millions of tchotchkes and how they are my favorite thing in the world. Next time I go thrifting, I’ll buy a box of them for 50’ and send them to you so that you can line all those little counter tops and above the cabinets with them. You’re welcome.

    I do like your pull out drawers in your pantry. Something else I think I’d like. I gotta show you this custom pantry that Jess’s grandmother had. I think I took pictures like 8 years ago when I went home with her and played games at grandmas. It was sweet.

    I do really like your little counter windows again. Yay

    On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:41 AM,

    • 1. Yeah, it’s most an issue of “we haven’t painted the doors so they aren’t back up yet.” BUT, I agree. I love the look of no-cabinet-doors. I think it looks so pretty and open and I love it. Unfortunately, I only love it on our pretty dishes – pretty dishes, plates, glasses, wine glasses, etc. I don’t love it on Pyrex, baking dishes, plastic food storage, etc. So….if I were to keep the doors off, I’d have to arrange my dishes so that I could put doors on the cabinets with ugly dishes and leave off the doors on the cabinets with pretty dishes….. And, I was stressing myself out too much trying to make that work + put the dishes in place that I thought made more sense. So, I just gave it up. But, yeah, I do agree. Open cabinetry ftw. We’ll see – maybe we’ll do that in the future. Heh.

      Hahaha, yes. Yay tchotchkes. Also, LOVE the spelling of that word.

      Yes, I want to see pullout drawers. I really love that we have those in the pantry. It makes it way easier to use and you can fit tons more in there. I think I might want to replace them eventually because you could totally fit another shelf in there. But, that’s my efficiency gene talking and I’m going to ignore it for awhile at least.

    • you totally beat me to the comment about doorless cupboards. i thought “HOT!” but then i’ll just make them feel bad cause they were planning on putting the doors back on this whole time.

      regardless, can you tell that we’ve started thinking ahead to what our home will look like one day? πŸ˜›

      • Haha, nice. That’s great to think through some of that already! Very nice. You guys are gonna have a great house. πŸ™‚ We’ll come visit.

      • @ “We’ll come visit”

        slash we should probably just connect the two houses. at some point, it just makes sense.

        OR, permanent skype / video chat setup. as in, imagine being able to see your florida friends via a picture frame on your wall. it’d be like peering into a window to see if your neighbor, only way cooler.

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