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Growing up I have fond memories of going to the wallpaper store in town with my Mom and flipping through book after book of wallpaper samples. We’d go through and pick out our favorites, check the books out to take them home, and prop them up in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/whatever-room-we-were-wallpapering and compare the options, testing them out with this border, or that one, figuring out which combinations worked best in the room.

Then it was time for the real work to begin – stripping off the old wallpaper with a mixture of vinegar and water, cleaning the walls, cutting the wallpaper to length and dipping the strips in water. I always found the process to be somehow intriguing – something about matching the patterns and hanging the paper just right so that it appeared almost seamless on the walls.

Well, it’s a good thing I have such fond memories – because it looks like we’re going to be hanging wallpaper in the somewhat near future.

You’ll remember the breakfast nook in the kitchen that looked like this:

IMG_0358 IMG_0357

Our original plan was that we would simply paint over the red with our tan paint and then keep the wainscoting on the bottom.  Unfortunately, when we moved in, we realized that the wall wasn’t simply painted red.

It was paint on top of wallpaper.


Actually, to be exact, it was paint on top of wallpaper on top of wallpaper….


…on top of wallpaper.


And so, in the end, it had to go.


The wallpaper came off so unevenly that our hopes of painting the walls went out the window.


So now, I’m looking forward to heading to the wallpaper store and finding just the right wallpaper for our little breakfast area. We have a few ideas, but haven’t settled on anything yet. You’ll have to check back for more updates.



6 thoughts on “wallpaper books

  1. wow. although i’ve always heard how annoying and laborious wallpaper is, i’ve always kinda wanted an excuse to use it. especially when you already have a limited space for it (the wainscoting below). awesome.

    On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 9:33 AM, WordPress.com

    • yeah, you know the funny thing is – after all the times I did it at my parents’ house, and after all the other crazy projects we’ve done in this house so far, it doesn’t really scare me. haha, that’s the most straightforward part of all of this to me. although, I have been told that mudding and painting it would be easier than wallpapering, so we’ll see how that turns out in the end/what we decide.

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