So you had a little sneak peek a few days ago, but here is an update on our bedroom.

It’s coming together very nicely, if I do say so myself. We started here:


Don’t forget the ruffles.


And began the slow transition.

Removing ruffles.


Scrubbing baseboards. YIKES!


Taping and painting.



And here’s where we are now.




photo 2

Projects Remaining:
Paint the doors
Replace the fan
Hang art

But for now, it’s pretty cozy and we’re loving it.

photo 3


And, since I can’t help myself, we’ll end the post with a picture of the Sophers. She’s not allowed in the bedroom unless invited. This day she accidentally dropped the ball she was running up and down the halls with and it rolled into the bedroom. So she sat down and forlornly stared at her lost toy. I got up and gave it to her…but obviously not before taking a picture of this pitiful sight.

photo 4


4 thoughts on “bedroom

  1. love the bedroom. also, laughing audibly at sophie. i love her obedience. “bah! i lost my ball but i must be a good dog and not go in. i’m such a good dog. but i’m so sad. good dog. sad.”

    On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 3:30 AM,

    • haha, yeah, that’s pretty much exactly it. although, notice her little foot in the room? this is her challenging those rules a bit. “i don’t think she’ll yell at me if just *one* foot is in the room, and i’m a little closer to my toy that way…maybe it’ll help…no, it won’t. sad dog.”

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