flying carpets

Well, I wish. But, as we all know, due to them being determined as Muggle Artifacts by the Registry of Proscribable Charmable Objects, it is highly unlikely that our new floor coverings are enchanted. Neither will they transport us anywhere.

On the flip side, it’s unlikely either of them will beat us at chess at any point in the near future. (Points to anyone who can identify the source of both of those references!)

But, they sure are pretty!!



Oooh, what was that? You got a sneak peek of the bedroom? Well, more on that later.

We went to World Market to find curtains, actually, and discovered that they had a big sale on rugs! Which worked out really well because we were going to go rug shopping that day as well. We ended up with two rugs that we absolutely adore – one for the hallway and one for our bedroom.

Hallway Rug: Jute with a black border (though we got the narrow/long version)

jute rug

Bedroom rug: Ivory wool with a floral pattern.

wool rug

And, not only were they on sale, but we got an additional 10% off! Yay good deals!

Sophie likes the rugs too.



4 thoughts on “flying carpets

  1. harry potter aladdin. i hope no one beat me because i’m commenting by email and haven’t seen the page yet!

    On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 9:20 AM,

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