i shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy

Name that movie.

I keep hearing Ellen’s voice in my head as I walk through the living room. Why, you ask? Because,ย we have squishy carpet!!


No, it really is that exciting! See, I’ve never actually lived in a house with squishy carpet. The carpet in my parents’ house was old, the carpet pads had clearly disintegrated and there was no “squish” left. And, in one room, even, it was carpet on top of non-existent-pad on top of cement. So…yeah, no squish there. Then I moved to apartments, which are not particularly known for their stellar carpet.

But this carpet….ahhh….let’s just say we find the puppy sprawled out on the carpet alone as much as we find her on her bed. That says something too, ’cause this pooch loves pillows and blankets and anything soft.

But, as my Grandma taught me early on, the best part of anything is the story. So, here goes.

When we decided to demolish the built in desk/cabinet/shelving/storage monstrosity we knew that would mean replacing the carpet because there was no carpet underneath it. We wondered if there were hardwoods underneath the carpet, but discovered that there was laminate underneath. There was probably hardwood under the laminate, but we didn’t want hardwoods that badly…plus a cozy carpeted living room sounded very relaxing and comfy.

We shopped around a bit and found carpet that we loved at a big box store (that rhymes with Dome Repo). Encouraged by their 7 day installation, we went to order the carpet and set up the install. We were surprised and frustrated to find that their estimate (they had to send people out to measure to confirm the price) was about $200 more than we had estimated based on the size of the room. And, it was going to take a week to get the room measured, and then another 3 weeks to get the carpet shipped!! Not cool!

So, we did more sleuthing. And, we found Carpet Outlets of Dallas!


They had carpet that was nearly identical to the carpet we’d found and liked previously. See?


And it was over 30% cheaper than the other carpet! And, they could install it the next week! And, they gave us a free upgraded pad for being members of Angie’s List! We were sold.


The carpet looks a little more brown in these pictures than in real life. The actual color/appearance is much closer to the detail shot from above.



We’ll be keeping the squishy.


6 thoughts on “i shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy

  1. i’ll come lay on that floor. also, i like the speckled carpet because it maintains its clean appearance, even if it’s not perfectly clean. i guess the downside is that that is kinda gross, but i mean, it’s carpet, and you walk on it with your feet, it’s going to get kinda stained eventually. but your carpet will hide stains. yay!

    also, i have no idea what movie you’re referencing. sry.

    • haha. yeah, it’s true. “yay, our carpet can be dirty and trick you into thinking it’s clean!!” it’s a little weird. but yeah….when you have a big black shedding machine for a dog….you kinda have to have speckled carpet.

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