no more fires!

My little sister tells me (Rachel, obviously) how old I am. Apparently wanting Home Depot cards for Christmas puts me into that category. I guess it is “boring” to want new paint or a light fixture instead of fun shoes, new clothes or movie tickets. If so, I guess I’ll own it. I’m officially “old.” Sorry sister. You’ll understand someday. 😉

Well, if that’s the case, then this following post definitely illustrates this “old” perspective we have.

We have a new electrical panel – and we are SO EXCITED about it!

Yeah, never would have thought, at 15, that would be something I was excited about.

But, here’s the deal. Our old electrical panel looked like this:


See if there on the left side of the garage? Well, I don’t know anything about electrical panels, but even I could tell something was amiss. Why are all those wires just running out of the box? Why are they exposed?

Then, when we got our home inspection, we learned something even more problematic. Not only were the wires doubled up on the breakers (from things that the owner added over the years), and not only were the wires sometimes not even attached properly – just wrapped around the screws instead of properly secured, and not only was the panel overloaded and old, but it also happened to be a Federal Pacific panel.

Not familiar with that? Well, neither were we. But, apparently they are a huge fire hazard. They may work just fine for years, but then after one short circuit, they are notorious for overheating and starting fires. Our inspector said that he had been testing a house recently that had a FPE panel and an outlet caught on fire – literally had flames shooting out of the outlet – and the breaker never flipped.

You can read about it here:

If we had kept this panel, there was good chance our panel would have ended up looking like this.

panel_burned fpe_panel_burned_2Images taken from above website.

So now we are really excited about our shiny new (properly wired!) electrical panel!


Look how beautiful (and non-fire-hazardy) it is!


So if this is what “being old” is, I guess I just have to embrace it. Because I am really excited. Talk about a wonderful housewarming gift!!


4 thoughts on “no more fires!

  1. haha. i think not wanting to die in a fiery inferno in your new home is ok to be excited about. at least some moderate level of excitement.

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