a coffee can

One of the first things we learned when we moved into the house is that there were a few people who had done home repairs around the house who fancied themselves to be handymen. First, the original owner of the house, who, quite frankly, reminds me of my Grandpa. He had all kinds of projects going – the outlet safes in the bedroom, outlets he strung up on the front porch for Christmas lights, complete with a switch in the inside closet so you never had to go outside in the winter to turn them off, the doorbell in the living room that rang in the workshop so his wife could call him in for dinner. Very creative and exactly the kind of things my Grandpa would do – down to having a complete disregard for making things up to code. Endearing, but something to work through as we make the house ours.

The other issues arose from when friends helped the last owner (the daughter of the original owners) fix things around the house. He did it…but not always in the most mainstream way.

For example, our hot water heater:

hot water heater

Yes. That would be a coffee can used as a vent on top. And, the temperature and pressure relief valve going up out of the water heater instead of following a downward slope.

Our plumber actually took this picture – when he saw it, he was shocked and asked if he could please take a picture to show fellow plumbers. Apparently they like to show each other unbelievable things they find in the field. Our picture even made his facebook page!


Unbelievable. Fortunately, everything is now fixed – no more risk of carbon monoxide building up in the house because of improper venting, and a the pressure valve is properly running down away from the hot water heater.



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