goodbye built-in, part 2

After our work demolishing the built-in in the den, we were ready to start painting.

We also had our first house-guests! Laura and David came out to help us paint and were a HUGE help. THANK YOU!! They worked incredibly hard and helped us so much!



Priming done!


And some people are tired:

IMG_0585 IMG_0587

Then it was time to  install trim to cover up where the old ruffles were.


Someone got a little too excited and got herself covered in paint.

IMG_0534 IMG_0531

Then, paint!! Here’s what it looked like when it was finished.


And a detailed shot of the new trim.


And this is what we looked like.


The puppy had it right.



7 thoughts on “goodbye built-in, part 2

  1. Looks nice. I’ve always kinda liked the beachy feel of the painted paneling. At least way better than the hassle of “let’s replace all this with drywall.”

    • Yeah. Well, that was kinda our thinking. If we’d ripped it all out and replaced it with drywall, a person would walk into the room and say “oh look, a room.” If we just painted it, a person would walk into the room and say “oh look, a room with painted paneling, ok.” And….there would be little difference. Yeah, some people don’t like painted paneling so we lose a little resale value there. But, no one would ever notice or care that we had ripped it all out. And, the cost/effort of replacing it all? Totally not worth it.

      Plus, I agree. I think it’s kinda beachy and gives the room character. So, I like it.

      • good for you guys, thinking ahead about minimal value added later vs maximum hassle factor now!

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