Like any good new homeowners, we became really familiar with paint colors. My purse notebook was full of swatches in various shades of tan, grey, white and black. After taping them to our walls, turning off the lights, turning on the lights, checking what they looked like with lamps, overhead lighting, sunlight, we finally made our decision.

Foggy Mist, Faded Burlap, Ultra White, Dark Kettle Black

We got testers and went home to paint.

And discovered that Foggy Mist Grey is actually blue. (I know, it probably looks grey on your computer. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.)


And that Faded Burlap looks tan (what we intended) in the bathroom:


And grey in the bedrooms. (Again, trust me on the difference. It’s way obvious in real life.)


Fortunately we like both shades of the tan option.

And we found a few grey with less blue in it: Wood Smoke!


2 thoughts on “woodsmoke

  1. that’s crazy that the colors looked different in different rooms. maybe it’s because of any windows/sunlight and then whatever kinds of internal lighting/bulbs you have. maybe if you find new light bulbs you can have color changing rooms!

  2. yep. i think that’ll be the case exactly. problem is we haven’t hung all the new lights yet so it’s impossible to know what it’ll look like in the end! hehe.

    the grey/blue room, however, was blue in every light. we tried sunlight, incandescent, fluorescent, even halogen. it just needed to change….

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