a new fridge!

One thing we knew we wanted to do right away when we got the house was to get a new fridge. We knew we wanted stainless and there’s just something about having a new clean shiny fridge to make you feel better about storing your food.

So, after reading reviews, running over our budget 87 times, and looking at every appliance store we could, when the time came, we headed to Lowes armed with a 10% off coupon and the knowledge that their appliances were already 10% off.

When we found the appliance aisle, and were confirming which fridge we wanted, we noticed another fridge a few spaces down that was listed as cheaper, but looked much nicer. Turns out it was a display model and there was a scratch somewhere on the fridge. (We have yet to find the scratch.) It had been reduced in price multiple times, dropping nearly $1,000.

So, after a discussion with the sales person when she assured us that the loose handles would be properly attached when it was delivered, a quick google search for reviews, and a consultation about the decision, we made a quick change of plans and ordered the other fridge.

After gift cards we had received from elves for Christmas, coupons, and sales, we paid less than half of the original price for the fridge! Now that makes it even better.

Here’s our new beauty:


Sophie has already learned the “ding” sound that it makes when you set it to dispense ice. 🙂



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