home tour

Welcome to our house!


Here’s a little tour of the house as it was when we first saw it. Lots of changes made already – details to follow. For now, enjoy the tour and see if you can see the vision of things to come!


Come in through our lovely orange door.


To the right is the front formal living/dining room. Guess what we’re turning it into! (Hint: it involves tons and tons of books….)



Off the dining area, you enter the kitchen.


Notice all the lovely ruffly trim everywhere?!



Even more ruffles on the doorways.


The living room is a beauty from the 60s. Complete with real wood panelling in an orangy hue, more ruffles, a built in bookcase/desk/shelves/cabinet, and more ruffles.



Notice how the desk part of the built-in goes about 2/3 of the way across the room? And, the cabinets/shelves part goes all the way? Pretty sure that was designed for one of those awesome cabinet tvs. So…in order to make this room work, we need to buy a cabinet tv or…. More on that later.


Now on to the hall bathroom, where we find more ruffles,


a gas heater,


and amazing wall storage!


The first guest bedroom


Second guest bedroom


Master bedroom


See these outlets? Yeah, not really outlets.


They’re safes. Like this. Except, instead of dripping with jewels and cash, ours were filled with dirt, cockroaches and cobwebs.

wall safe

And,the master bathroom.



So, there you have it!

Updates and changes forthcoming.


4 thoughts on “home tour

  1. my favorite: the scalloped edging EVERYWHERE

    also, though, i do like the built in desk

    haha, awesome on the outlet safes. too bad there weren’t some legit goodies from many years ago. do they work as outlets? or were you easily able to spot them as frauds?

    the floors in the guest bedrooms look nice. when can i come stay in one? 🙂

    i like your house.

    • we actually didn’t know they were safes until our home inspector showed them to us! we ended up patching over them because they were a little scary with the bugs in them.

      and when? FRIEND WEEK THIS SUMMER!!!!! we even have a bed for you to fight tara for.

  2. I think your home has tons of potential. For all that tile – There is a much simpler (and cost effective) way of making it a more modern color rather than ripping it all out. We just painted our tile with special tile paint and it looks fab. We had pink (yikes) tile before!

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